Thursday, January 23, 2014


Happy morning everyone! I am so excited today and thrilled to inform  you that I was recently  contacted by one of my favorite jewelry companies called Brilliant Earth to participate in a Personality Style Challenge. I'm sure many of you who are reading this post are tempted to goggle or go to your computer browser to search for this company right now.  Well, before you do that, let me tell you a little about them and why I love this company so much.


Brilliant Earth is a company who specialize in ethically resourced diamonds and engagement rings. What does ethically resourced mean? It means that they only use materials that are harvested safe and are non-controversial. Furthermore, they donate 5% of all profits to communities affected by conflict diamonds and other unethical practices.   I highly appreciate a company that works diligently and is dedicated to  putting more back into nature and the community rather than taking from it. 


A group of selected bloggers were challenged to create a fashion board that reflected our personality type by creating a look using Brilliants Earth accessories. I choose the Glamorous with twist of flair! I had to spice it up a little and dedicate this board to my favorite  holiday, Valentine's Day !!

Ps: Do you see the infinity necklace? That is the symbol for love

Brilliant Earth:Glamour Paola

Brilliant Earth:Glamour Paola by LoveAlwaysPaola 

Jane Norman party dress, / Vintage mink cape / Christian Louboutin black pumps / Chanel shoulder bag / Brilliant Earth Ring: Sienna Diamond Ring  /  Brilliant Earth: Pavé Eclipse Diamond Earrings / Brilliant Earth: Pavé Diamond Infinity Pendant  / CÉLINE black sunglasses / Henri Bendel nail polish



It is hard to select a personality style when all of the accessories are so beautiful. I honestly can be a mommy in blue jeans when I want to be comfortable and running all day. A feminine girl when I feel young and playful.  A glamour diva when I feel like conquering the world.

Look at the Brilliants Earth Personality Style Challenge below.........................

 What personality style are you?  

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Help me pick my christmas gift!

Happy Wednesday everyone! This morning I woke up, looked at the calendar and thought to myself, wow is it me or is this month going by way to fast? This is my favorite time of the year but it just seems that in between Christmas shopping, trying to keep up with all the fun activities, work and attending numerous Christmas parties, I lost track of time! This has been a fantastic year and I am feeling more Christmasy than ever. 

Talking about Christmas, my hubby has been asking me non stop, "what do you want for Christmas?" I imagine that if you were asked this question you could probably pull a list of all the fun goodies you have been keeping your eye on, not me! I am in trouble!!! I’m a very giving person and I always think of others before thinking about my own personal needs. Especially at this time of the year. So thinking about spending so much money, knowing that I could help another family with it, makes it hard for me to answer this question right away. 

This weekend I decided to finish my Christmas shopping and I found myself looking for a pair of sunglasses. I’m absolutely in love, after 7 years, with my Ray Ban’s. But one thing I learned, the hard way unfortunately, is that I need a second pair. Logan, my two year old, takes any opportunity to wear my sunglasses, so you can imagine how scratched and sticky they are. Im thinking maybe it's time for me to let Logan inherit them and buy me a fun new pair!  So, here is the hard part. I have tried over 14 pairs of sunglasses and cant seem to find a pair that wowed me!   I NEED YOUR HELP! 

Many of the styles I saw at the stores looked all the same to me. I didn't see one pair that I absolutely loved and wanted to take home. So I decided to come home and look online. I literally spent all weekend browsing the web and found a few styles that I love at Bonlook.
Usually I wear contact lenses but I like letting my eyes rest sometimes so I wear glasses at least twice a week. Don't laugh at me, but sometimes, while driving, I wear my sunglasses over my prescription glasses to help with the sun! I know I am silly.So when I saw that I can buy two really adorable pairs of glasses for the price of one at a regular store, plus add my prescription to one of them, I was sold!  So drums rolling................................ These are my favorite styles and I need your help, which style do you like the best?

I am a red kind of gal and I absolutely love the red frame and style

Love this cat style and the fact that they look a little like my current sunglasses. Very serious but sassy! MM mysterious woman behind this glasses! 


 This will be so cute for the summer. I am in LOVE with this style. I wonder if they will be a little too big for my face. Love Love love  the color. 

I think this pair will look amazing on me and for the looks of it, it is unisex, so I am sure Adam will be wearing them too!


And I found these two really cute pairs at the Nordstrom website but they are twice the price of the other glasses mentioned above and I cant add prescription to them. So I will be back to square one. I hate the thought of putting them on top of my regular glasses while driving! 

I am so indecisive and I really need your help! Which pair do you like best? Have you ever ordered prescription sunglasses before? Where do you normally shop for your favorite pair of sunnies? 

I'm really excited and I think this will be a great Christmas gift for me. What is on your Christmas list?

Hope everyone is enjoying this time of the year. 

Friday, November 1, 2013


Last weekend, my best friend Kimberly and I managed the 
photo booth for a wedding at the Scottsdale Marriott
It was so much fun. I love working with my bestie! 
The $150 tip that we got was pretty nice too ;)

Strike a pose!!!!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stripes & Polka Dots

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am featured on my best friend Kimberly's blog. Kimberly have received a gorgeous Chiffon Blouse from a company called Persunmall to model. Unfortunately the blouse was way too small and didn't fit Kimberly's chest area. Lucky me, I have an amazing friend! One of Kimberly's best attributes is that she is the most giving and selfless person I have ever met. So one of the perks of being her best friend is that she is always looking out for me! Instead of returning the blouse, she decided to let me try it and keep it! All I have to say is that I fell in love with this top the moment Kimberly took it out of the box. It is now my favorite top and I can't seem to take it off! It fits me to a "T"! I'm sure many of you have felt this way about some of your outfits. You love them so much that is hard to resist not to use it and abuse it, right after you buy them! 

So let me tell you a little about the company who sent Kimberly this shirt. Persunmall is a company who really believes in a one stop shopping solution, meaning, they focus on a broader selection so you don't have to spend so much time visiting stores to find what you need. For example, they sell prom dresses, homecoming dresses, and evening dresses. They also have topspantsshoesscarvesjacketspurses
and great selection of jewelry too!  

Here are some pictures of my new favorite top! 

 I love the design of this top with the stripes and the polka dots and how the prints are combined together. The best part is that the back is completely black.  

Well there you have it! If you are looking for a one-stop-shop, then choose Persunmall where you can find everything you need all in one spot! Check out their LookBook too!

Hope you have a great week and don't forget to let me know what you think of my new blouse. 

If you were to buy it, how would you wear it?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vogue & Virtue: Modest Fashion at the Emmy Awards

When you turn on the television, go to the movies, or flip through the pages of just about any magazine, it appears that our society has lost the value of modesty. People dress in clothing and styles that are designed to reveal and to bring considerable attention to their bodies.

When I choose to dress modest I believe it sends a message of purity and honor. It shows that I have self-respect and self-control over my body. 

When I dress modestly, I am saying that I posses inner qualities for which I should gain appropriate attention and value from others. 

I dress in a way that will always please my Heavenly Father and show Him that I respect the body that He has given to me.

I applaud these beautiful women for choosing to show less skin on the red carpet. 

Bonnie Bentley

Amy Poehler

Alfre Woodard

Merritt Wever


Kiernan Shipka

Lucila Sola

Mindy Kaling

Laura Dern

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I'm loving updating my blog through the Blogger mobil application I downloaded on my IPhone. I hope the quality is good! Today is day 2 and it has been amazing. Adam planned another fun day at Mission Beach on Mission Bay. We had a late start to our morning so we just took our time to get ready without any rush. Since it was noon by the time we arrived to Mission Bay we just decided to enjoy the perfect weather and play the rest of the day!

At night we went to Little Italy for dinner. Yes, just like New York, San Diego has its own Italian history and an entire street (6 blocks) of authentic Italian restaurants and historic homes. Here are some pictures of day 2. 

Click here to see pictures of day 1.


Mission Beach 

By the time we found parking it was getting dark, so the majority of our pictures turned really dark :-(  

And here is the best part of dinner, desert! We were so hungry that started eating right away and I completely forgot to take a picture of our amazing dishes! My pasta was scrumptious. I ordered a sea food pasta with lobster sauce.Yum! 

And I small sneak peak of what I wore to dinner. I know a lot of you would love to see my new Maxi dress. 

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures. I will be posting day 3 pictures tomorrow morning. 

Have you been to San Diego? What did you enjoyed the most? I would love to see some of your favorite pictures too.

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Hope everyone is having a wonderful relaxing and nice weekend.