Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Help me pick my christmas gift!

Happy Wednesday everyone! This morning I woke up, looked at the calendar and thought to myself, wow is it me or is this month going by way to fast? This is my favorite time of the year but it just seems that in between Christmas shopping, trying to keep up with all the fun activities, work and attending numerous Christmas parties, I lost track of time! This has been a fantastic year and I am feeling more Christmasy than ever. 

Talking about Christmas, my hubby has been asking me non stop, "what do you want for Christmas?" I imagine that if you were asked this question you could probably pull a list of all the fun goodies you have been keeping your eye on, not me! I am in trouble!!! I’m a very giving person and I always think of others before thinking about my own personal needs. Especially at this time of the year. So thinking about spending so much money, knowing that I could help another family with it, makes it hard for me to answer this question right away. 

This weekend I decided to finish my Christmas shopping and I found myself looking for a pair of sunglasses. I’m absolutely in love, after 7 years, with my Ray Ban’s. But one thing I learned, the hard way unfortunately, is that I need a second pair. Logan, my two year old, takes any opportunity to wear my sunglasses, so you can imagine how scratched and sticky they are. Im thinking maybe it's time for me to let Logan inherit them and buy me a fun new pair!  So, here is the hard part. I have tried over 14 pairs of sunglasses and cant seem to find a pair that wowed me!   I NEED YOUR HELP! 

Many of the styles I saw at the stores looked all the same to me. I didn't see one pair that I absolutely loved and wanted to take home. So I decided to come home and look online. I literally spent all weekend browsing the web and found a few styles that I love at Bonlook.
Usually I wear contact lenses but I like letting my eyes rest sometimes so I wear glasses at least twice a week. Don't laugh at me, but sometimes, while driving, I wear my sunglasses over my prescription glasses to help with the sun! I know I am silly.So when I saw that I can buy two really adorable pairs of glasses for the price of one at a regular store, plus add my prescription to one of them, I was sold!  So drums rolling................................ These are my favorite styles and I need your help, which style do you like the best?

I am a red kind of gal and I absolutely love the red frame and style

Love this cat style and the fact that they look a little like my current sunglasses. Very serious but sassy! MM mysterious woman behind this glasses! 


 This will be so cute for the summer. I am in LOVE with this style. I wonder if they will be a little too big for my face. Love Love love  the color. 

I think this pair will look amazing on me and for the looks of it, it is unisex, so I am sure Adam will be wearing them too!


And I found these two really cute pairs at the Nordstrom website but they are twice the price of the other glasses mentioned above and I cant add prescription to them. So I will be back to square one. I hate the thought of putting them on top of my regular glasses while driving! 

I am so indecisive and I really need your help! Which pair do you like best? Have you ever ordered prescription sunglasses before? Where do you normally shop for your favorite pair of sunnies? 

I'm really excited and I think this will be a great Christmas gift for me. What is on your Christmas list?

Hope everyone is enjoying this time of the year. 

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