Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Double Duty-Gear  

T-Shirt: Under Armour (HotShot HeatGear Training Shirt) // 
Pants: Nike // Running Shoes: Reebook  (Sublite Duo) Macy's 

Lately I have been craving to find some fun but modest gym clothes. I have been looking everywhere for a nice gym shirt that will cover my belly, but at the same time will make me look stylish and fun. I gained 72 pounds with Mr. Logan and although I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I don't care very much to show off my stomach. So I said goodbye to all my old sexy gym clothes and welcomed a new fun and modest style that I absolutely love. 

Hey who said that modest can't be fun and sexy!

After spending countless amount of hours window shopping and trying on a lot of gym clothes, I came across this shirt from Under Armour. I completely felt in love with the color, HOT PINK!

What I absolutely love about this shirt is that is very breathable, comfortable, stretchy and is one of those shirts that you can wear with anything. I like to call this shirt my Double Duty-Gear. I love that I can just wear it with a pair of jeans with sandals and it still looks cute. Not to mention great for those days that you want to dress low key to be productive with that long list of mommy duties!

 This Under Armour shirt is form fitting, it doesn't show the sweat and if it does, it dries very quickly. I feel like I hit the jack pot! I have to say that a lot of people complimented on my gym outfit today, especially the shirt!

Here are some pictures of what I wear to ZUMBA! 

From Head to Toe

Close up of my amazing shirt!

 Kimberly and I went to Tanger Outlets together and we bought the same exact shirt because we both loved it so much!! Her shirt is a orange/pink color. MMM  this will be the next one on my list! 

 I do feel powerful!

Below is a picture with our Zumba instructor Tasha. I absolutely love her and to be honest, I really enjoy her class. I'm Colombian, I like shaking my hips an love to dance! I have been to many Zumba classes where you can tell the instructor is counting steps and not feeling the rhythm of the music. This amazing bubbly, gorgeous lady knows how to make me break a sweat!

Do you know that you can loose up to 1000 calories an hour doing Zumba? Well, let me tell you, I do believe it and I have seen the results! I shed off 18 pounds within just 4 weeks by just doing some hard core Zumba with Tasha. So if you have never been to a Zumba class let me give you some good advice. Zumba is a high impact cardio class, so eat a small healthy dinner about an hour and a half before your class, stretch big time and bring lots of water! Trust me you will need it. And during the class give it your best, shake those hips like there is no tomorrow and you will see results! I promise!

If you are ever in the North Phoenix area, you should stop in and check out Tasha's class. I promise you that you will leave her class feeling amazing,energetic and not to mention super sweaty! To find out when her scheduled classes are, just click on this link HERE

What is your favorite work out outfit?

 Help this girl build her new workout wardrobe! 

Hope everyone continues to have a productive and fun week. And remember... shake those hips like there is no tomorrow and work it!  

Lots of hugs and Colombian Kisses from Arizona 


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