Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Fun Weekend, LOGAN TURNED 2 and more..............

Has two years gone by so fast? Wow I feel like my sweet angel was born yesterday. I remember the day Logan was born, holding him in my arms, it seemed unrealistic. I remember looking at his little face and thinking,  I can't believe I am a mother! As soon as I held him, he made eye contact with me, and I intermediately fell in love. I couldn't stop looking at his perfect eyes, tiny little nose, kissable lips, soft gently hands, listening to all of the sweet little noises he made, everything about him was so pure. I knew I was holding someone very special that will change my life for ever ,and will challenge me to become a better person. Two years has gone by and indeed this active monkey has turned our world upside down! We couldn't be more grateful for the blessing of being parents of such an incredible boy.

Our weekend was short, busy and exciting. Not only we celebrated the 4th of July but had the blessing of celebrating Logan's birthday. And yes, WE HAVE ALREADY WELCOMED THE TERRIBLE 2's! YIKES! 

Here are some cute pictures of Logan's birthday celebration. Wow, I learned that I'm a better multitasker  than I thought I could ever be, but apparently I was able to chase active toddlers around, beg them to stay still for pictures,  entertain guests,  keep Logan away from eating the cake and pushing the emergency button at the splash pad, managed to keep birds from eating our food, answered a billion questions, and ended up meeting a new group of moms and made new friends!  I was all over place. This mama deserves a big pat on the back and some pampering too! It was successful celebration! 



Logan loves dinosaurs and this was his cake! Totally scrumptious with lots of CHOCOLATE! 

Finally I got him to sit on my lap and get ready to sing the happy birthday! 

Logan got to hear our opera voices! Poor little guy, honestly, Adam and I  CANT SING! 

Caught YOU LOGAN! Don't ask me where he hid his fork but he kept coming back for 2nds, and 3rds....................! At least he loved his cake! 

Daddy and Logan having some fun! 

Sweet grandpa couldn't miss the fun! I have the best in laws in the world. Love this man! 

Thanks Kim for snapping a picture of me! After the celebration!  I am one happy momma!!!! 


We waited until after dinner to open Logan's gifts! WELCOME FRIENDS TO MY HOME..... And yes, this is us relaxed and behind the scene, very normal loving people!

Ended the night with lots of BUBBLES! 

And a baby who fell sleep inside of a box, LOL! Very tired! 

Officially 2!
4th OF JULY 

Our 4th of July was really low key. Trying to keep the kids up for fire works is a little challenging but we were all energetic and excited! So the trick was, good friends, good food and a lot of SUGAR!!!!

Our good friends Sam, Olivia and Randi.  Cute family! 
Randi has a fun cooking blog! Check her out at
Crazy Delciousness 

 YAY LOGAN!  We were very excited! LOVE the nice bling in our eyes!! 


My best friend, companion, partner in crime and LOVE OF MY LIFE! 
This was an amazing weekend. We had lots of fun activities planned, great company for unconditional friends, family and lots of yummy treats.
Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and spending a little time getting to know my little FAMILIA! 

So how was your 4th of July celebration this year? Send me your favorite pictures. I will love to see them all!


  1. One happy boy, one happy family un abrazo colombiano para todos!!!

  2. Aw thank you so much. Yes, we are a very happy family and blessed in so many different ways. I miss my Colombian people, not too many here in AZ! Gracias por el abrazo Colombiano! MMMMm y que ganas tengo de una arepita con queso y chocolate Colombiano ! yum yum

    Un abrazo y besito desde Arizona

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment my Colombian friend! Your comments mean the world to me.