Friday, July 5, 2013



We had a blast taking these pictures and I couldnt hold a serious face for anything in the world. Regardless of how much fun we were having,  I have to admit that it was very challenging at the same time. Not to mentioned it was a dry 120 degrees outside, love the summers in Phoenix, AZ!  

For those of you that saw our silly picture from yesterday's post
you are probably wondering what the story is behind that funny picture huh?!?

We had planned on getting some fun 4th of July balloons from the Dollar Tree for pictures,
but when we got there, they told us that they were out of helium! Really?!? Are you kidding me!?!?
So we ended up getting some 4th of July buttons, leis, and flags instead for our pictures which
as you will see below worked out great. This was all totally unplanned but we love how it turned out!

First...let me just tell you that Arizona is known 
for having dust storms.......and when they hit it is windy and the air quality is the worst! 

On our way back, we noticed that the sky was 
starting to get dark.  A little overcast, but not too bad!

We first starting taking pictures of each other and then I thought, why not take some pictures
together with our fun 4th of July stuff?!?! So we did!! We were able to take some great pictures
while hoping and praying that it wouldn't rain or the dust storm wouldn't come our way.

Well.....we spoke way too soon!!!

I had a dust storm alert in my phone, didnt see it of course!  Just as I was getting the leis separated for one last picture (and as the timer on my camera was counting down)10....9....8...7...6....5....4...3...2....1...... WOOOOOOOSSHHHHHH!!The wind and dust hit!

So enjoy our silly pictures..............

Top: Ralph Lauren (Macy's) // Belt: Boutique, Bogotá, Colombia // Pants: C'EST TOI (Papaya's) // Shoes: Ticket (Cartagena, Colombia)

Watch: Caché // Bracellet: Paris, Paris (I added more pears and the pear ring charm) // Ring: ICING (Macy's)

Necklace: I took some old necklaces and loose beads and made two separate necklaces in one! 

I love this country and I respect our veterans and admire all of our soldiers who sacrifice their lives to protect  this beautiful country and our freedoms! 

Happy 4th of July FRIENDS! 

Please share your precious moments and pictures with us! I would love to share them in my blog and share your story. Specially if you are an immigrant like me and have nothing but to be grateful for this land of opportunity and freedom! 

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