Friday, July 5, 2013


Look, it is a cute dress! 
What a gorgeous Mom! 

This week's Reader's Spotlight goes to Randi from Phoenix, AZ! Aw isn't she a gorgeous mom! You are so beautiful and your little girl is precious! This picture inspires so much love and happiness! 

Randi sent me a really cute message about how much she loves my blog and made me tear up a little. She has been a faithful follower of my blog and a good friend too.

So do you see something special, other than she looks fabulous? Here's a hint...............

Randi had this dress in her closet for over a year. She mentioned she is absolutely in love with it, but didn't know how to wear it. She loves the colors and the fabric, but the dress was loose on top, which made it very unflattering in the upper area that she couldn't wear it with just a white t-shirt underneath.

After reading my Royal Blue Dress Post, she was inspired to take it out of her closet, took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and tried it on with a simple purple t-shirt on top. She couldn't believe how amazing she looked!!! The dress no longer looks like a dress,
It's a skirt!

Old Navy // T Shirt: Active Basic (Boutique in California) // Shoes: Fioni (Payless Shoes) // Necklace: Paparazzi
Uh, sassy...

 Thank you so much Randi for sharing these adorable pictures with us.

 It means the world to me,  to see good friends reading my blog and commenting and learning from it.

Oh and Randi has a great cooking and recipe blog that I love to follow:
mycrazydeliciousness !

Now its time to 
  Rock That Dress!

For all of my amazing readers and friend around the world , don't be shy, email your pictures and let me know your story! I would love to heard from you, no matter what language you speak or where in the world you live!

Who would like to be my next week Reader's spotlight?................. YOU!

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