Friday, August 30, 2013


Happy Friday my amazing friends. Im so glad that I found the Blogger application for my iPhone and I'm able to blog while I'm on vacation. Both of my boys are sleeping and I have time to relax. So I decided to share some pictures with you!

A lot of you have been wondering, where have I been? My hubby decided to surprise us with a last minute low key vacation to San Diego, CA. I'm in love with this place. Today we spent the day at Coronado Island and Seaport Village.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

And after taking a long nice shower I found my two boys snuggling and sleeping. I know what a tender moment, right? I guess I will be sleeping in Logan's pack and play tonight! 

If there is a place where I will move in a heart beat, it will be San Diego. I'm excited to see what Adam has planned for us tomorrow! So I will be taking more pictures and posting them soon! 

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Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. 



  1. These pictures look so good. Looks like you had a great time. Can't wait to see more pictures. Cute swimsuit friend. Where did you get that?!?!

  2. Aw Thank you my friend. We had an amazing time!! I bought my swimsuit in Pembroke Pines in a store called Nothing but Water.