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Oh my mouth is watering as I'm writing this post! This smoothie is to DIE FOR! I cant seem to find the words to  describe the taste !!Of this concoction of flavors! It taste sweet and sour, healthy, addictive, soft, refreshing, it is one of those drinks that has a glorious taste to it, you don't know what it is but you don't want it to end! ITS SCRUMPTIOUS!

So how did I came up with this amazing smoothie?  When I was pregnant in the middle of summer with my son Logan, I used to eat 3 watermelons a week, I am not exaggerating friends, you can ask my husband. I became addictive to it! I had to have it with my breakfast, in my veggie and fruit salads, as an appetizer, with desert, a middle of the night snack. Oh my goodness I was out of control!!! Oh and needless to say I was addictive to Jamba Juice, I had at least 2 a day.

So one morning my hubby was not at home, I was huge and couldn't drive to buy my Jamba and I was desperate for that smoothie!!!!  So... I looked in the freezer found some ingredients, improvised and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I think I died and went to heaven! OH WHAT WAS THIS THAT I WAS TASTING? Poor hubby, I had another addition to my watermelon diet! I started drinking this everyday and no more Jamba Juice for this sweet mama!

Here I am two years after having my son and still craving watermelon! So I had friends over for dinner on Friday night and decided to make this amazing drink! Are you guys ready? My day was so chaotic that I didn't have time to change from my gym clothes, oops! Well, at the end of the day we relax and have a good time!!!!

Drums rolling.......................................Here we go!


Serving 10 glasses 

1 Watermelon - Make sure it is ripe and sweet 
1/2 of a small lime
1 bag of Frozen strawberries - I love the Kirkland brand from Costco

This beverage os packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Lycopene, Potassium, Folate, Fiber and antioxidants. 


Before you start, make sure you pick the heaviest watermelon at the store. The heaviest the sweeter and juicier it will be. Cut your watermelon by removing the skin, seeds, if any, and cut in small cubes. Start putting little pieces and blending it at a high speed until you fill half of your blender glass with watermelon juice.

Hint: Do not add water or alcohol!

Now start adding your frozen strawberries and make sure you put on the lid on your blender.
Otherwise you will have watermelon all over your walls! 

Note: Sometimes my frozen strawberries are a little sour and not ripe. You can always add some Agave to the smoothie while blending it. Add agave to taste. I have found that the frozen strawberries at Costco are super sweet and I never have to add any sugar to my smoothy. The bag is huge and is very affordable compared to other supermarkets. 

Now squeeze and add your lime juice and keep on blending! 

YUM, YUM so easy!!!  Ready to taste this heavenly smoothie?

My friend Kimberly is not a huge fan of watermelon, but guess what?!?!

She loved this smoothie and actually asked to have another glass! Silly girl!

Don't you love the color of this drink? It literally smells like candy!

So dinner is ready and we are ready to have a feast! I made some yummy white rice with cilantro, onion and garlic. Some super sweet plantains with some melted cheese and guava paste on top, delicious. A chicken (Pollo sudado) with cassava or Yucca and a side salad! 

Everyone gave me a thumbs up and plates are almost clean!

Hey my little one looks happy and loves mommy's cooking!

Hint: Add a ripe peach if you have one available and it taste even better.

Your Friend,  

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  1. Sounds delish!!!