Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I have to confess that I had a really busy week attending too many events for Logan and keeping up with my little flirt's social life. Do you mothers feel like your kids have a better social life than you? I have to raise my hand, and say I DO! It is amazing to see how motherhood changes your perspective of life and how through those changes your eyes are opened, and you start to appreciate your parents in so many different ways. Once you are in their shoes, you realize how hard they worked and how much they sacrificed their goals and personal dream only to guide and give you the best of them. My love and appreciation for them has increased and will continue to increase each day that passes by. 

Motherhood is not easy. Somedays you feel like holding your little angel, kissing him and not getting him off your site. Other days you can't wait for your hubby to come home so you can say, your son needs to spend quality time with you ,and I need to put myself on time out or else I will jump out the window!

I do have to say to all moms out there that YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! Your efforts are not taken for granted!Each family and child is different and I know you do the best for your family. I silently observe many of you, learn from you, and sometimes you become an example of compassion, love, SELFLESS attitudes, dedication,  and more! Some of us new moms are in training and every stage seem to bring new challenges to over come, especially communication. I am so confused by so many books. At this point I feel like I don't know how to communicate! I find myself trying my hardest to avoid the word NO and talking in a very calm voice. Do you have a sentence that you find your self repeating over and over again? Here's mine, "Mommy can't understand when you are screaming, you need to calm down and use your words." And here is the best part of being a mommy. My husband and I hardly ever argue, but when we do, I surprise him by using a very calm voice. At the end we both kiss each other, laugh and he says, yes mom. And he is constantly reminding me that he is an adult, not a baby, oh joy! 

I love being a mom and I only hope to continue to develop my christlike attitude so I can be a good example for my children to  follow.

Here is my favorite quote about parenting:

The things you say, the tone of your voice, the anger or calm of your words - These things are noticed by your children and by others. They see and learn both the kind and unkind things we say and do. Nothing exposes our true selves more than how we treat one another in our home. - Josephe B Withlin, April 2005. 

I would love to know what challenges are you currently experiencing with your children? And what tricks or resources are you currently using to overcome them? Also please feel free to write some positive, uplifting comments about motherhood! Who knows, maybe your kind and loving words may reach the heart of someone who is in desperate need to hear those words! You can make a difference.  Lets support each other and learn from each other! 

With love and appreciation for everything you do, 

Your Friend, 

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  1. Paola...I LOVE this! You are such an amazing writer! I am not a Mama yet, but the time will come soon enough and I know I will experience a lot of ups and downs....but in the end I know it will be the greatest blessing and most rewarding job ever!