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I don't know about you, but I have days where I look in my closet and think, Oh my word this is a mess!!!!!!  In the past I used to spend hours, even days sorting though my mess trying to organize it, just for it to be messy a couple of days later. What a waste of time!  Well, I take that back, there's always a benefit from re-organizing your closet. There is a feeling of happiness and accomplishment when I  find clothes that I have not worn in months and I have found  all kinds of treasures that I completely forgot about!  I bet my hubby loves it too. Hey, I don't need to buy another pair of jeans after all and I'm not breaking his wallet! LOL I love how men think so different from women.

So how come I am so inspired to share this secret of mine? One reason, because it works for me! My system is very simple, is not time consuming and the best part is, you don't need to spend a lot of money!!!  It can't get better than that!

Today I'm going to teach you how to organize your belts. I am a gal who loves belts!! I have a belt for every outfit. Needless to say I have over 80 belts, yikes! I will take a belt over an accessory any day and rock it!

Ok so enough words, I'm sure you are so excited to know what this is all about.

All you need is:


Drums rolling.........................................!

Before my last move I used to hang all of my belts in the closet, then I bought this belt hanger that broke(extremely expensive),  my last resource was to look at a YouTube video and try the DIY belt hanger by Jaaaack Beauty tip, it didn't work for me. Too many belts means, less space in the closet and belts falling on the floor. Right? Lets be honest, that's what makes your closet look sooooooooo messy. Then I tried putting them in a drawer, rolling them and putting a rubber band to keep them in place... not a good idea, now some belts have a permanent pressure mark from the band. Oh and don't forget trying to pull out 1 belt and having a million come out.  Sound familiar?

Once day while I was at Target I saw this container on sale for $7 and bought it in a heart bit. It comes with a lid. There is a huge advantage when using containers to store belts, accessories, shoes.........everything!

  1. Great way to organize your home. Just stick a label on it, put it away and your house will be mess free.
  2. There will always be a place for everything. I love to open my closet, see all of my cute containers with labels on them and know where to find a specific item. 
  3. Keep everything DUST FREE. Oh this is a big one! I live in Arizona and my shoes just to get dusty all the time. I used to find myself having to wipe the dust before putting a show on. 
  4. If you live in Florida or other place called paradise, you will thank me later! Here's a little story that gives me goose bumps 
Never, say never! My mom learned that my whole container system was silly until this happened to her.  She lives in Florida,  bug paradise, keep that in mind. One morning while rushing to get out of the house she grabbed her running shoes out of the closet, put them on and , OUCH, what was that? She thought there was a stick or something in it, no big deal! She decided to shake her shoe and looked inside.  Next thing she sees, A HUGE CUCARACHA (Cockroach). My stomach just turned! 

Not a bad idea to prevent scorpions from building their little love nest in your high heel if you live in the desert!

       5. Easy to store. You can put it under your bed! 

Another advantage of container is that your angels will not get to play dress up that often! Here is my little bambino playing with mommy's belts! Having them in your closet or just hanging them where they can see them means on thing, easy access and a fun new toy! 

Oh NO! Look what I found on the floor. One of the stones felt off, but lucky me I didn't loose it because I keep all my belts in Ziploc Bags!!!!! If you hang them in your closet the chances are that you will loose those gems for EVER! So here is my next trick. Not only buy a container to store them, but roll them and store them in Ziploc Bags. I like the HEAVY DUTY (QUART)  FREEZER ZIPLOC BAGS.  These are the advantages of using them: 
  1. Prevents gem stones or anything that falls off from your belt from getting lost, FOREVER!
  2. Keep them dust free. 
  3. You can easily find the one you want to wear, pull it out of your container and you are done. No messes, no detangling and finally, avoid all your other belts jumping with excitement at you! No more messy closets.
  4. Prevents all the materials and specially the metals brushing agains each other. NO SCRATCHES! They will last you longer. 
  5. Can you think of one more? 

               Make sure to take all the air out of the Ziploc bag before you close it.

Oh WOW! Look how organized my 80+ belts are and they are all color coded. Dark colors, browns, metals, and other colors. Yay, don't you feel much better? I know I do! Now you can go shopping and put more clothes in your closet! I bet your significant other will love that, especially when you take up half of their closet space! 

Time to put that lid on and store your container under your bed!


Yep, here I am rocking my black gym shirt and of course, I couldn't forget to wear a belt!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post. I will be posting more secrets every week. So friends, visit me often and lets have fun learning together. I love to read all of your comments!!

Tell me all about it: I  want you to share with me your cleaning and organizational tips. I'm a gal who loves learning from others and will actually try your tricks and let you know if they worked for me too!!

For now my friends, all I have to say is Arrivedeci! My bambino just woke up, the boss is calling!

With love and appreciation for everything you do!!

Many Besitos

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